racial miscastings

Muito divertido esse artigo sobre racial miscasting em Hollywood. Os mais-mais:
Al Pacino
The man who helped Francis Ford Coppolla make Italian mobsters famous in The Godfather plays a revolutionary pilgrim revolting against the British in Revolution. If Italians landed on Plymouth Rock, we would be eating more pasta on Thanksgiving and WASPs would have no problem with garlic.
Peter Sellers
The British actor was known as the bumbling French Inspector Clouseau in Pink Panther films. (We’ll say we can’t tell the difference, because it’s fun to irritate the French.) But Sellers donned brown-face and played a “fishout-of-water” Pakistani in Blake Edward’s The Party. Recent biographies reveal that not only was he British, but an asshole as well.
Marlon Brando
The rugged star of the Godfather and On the Waterfront plays an Asian in The Teahouse of August Moon. (This was before he lost his mind and sat naked in a tent mumbling Jim Morrisonesque poetry in Francis Ford Coppolla’s Apocalypse Now.) The only thing about him remotely Asian is the smell of duck sauce.