Another Hitchcock Moment

[from The Sacramento Bee – Monday, August, 2003]
A young director kept bugging Bruce Dern on the Universal lot as the actor was making director Alfred Hitchcock’s final film, Family Plot, in 1976.
Steven Spielberg, who had made the blockbuster Jaws the year before, would stand at the back of the sound stage and beg Dern to help him get a 10-minute audience with Hitchcock.
Dern went to the formidable Hitchcock, who asked “Bruce, is that the boy who made the fish movie?”
Dern replied, “Yeah, and he just wants 10 minutes with you, Hitch. He just wants to kind of let you know what a fan he is and a devotee he is.”
Hitchcock started shaking, and Dern asked why.
“I could never speak to him because I feel like such a whore, ” Hitchcock said.
“Why is that?” Dern asked.
“I’m the voice of a Jaws commercial, ” Hitchcock said.
Dern told the anectode in Los Angeles recently while promoting A Decade Under The Influence, which premiered at this year’s [2003] Sundance Film Festival.

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  1. Eu não entendi!! BUÁÁÁÁ!!!
    O Hitch fez MESMO um comercial para Jaws? Eu nunca soube disso. E já li tanto sobre Jaws e sobre Hitch… por isso não entendi…
    Me explica, Fer!!

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