Katharine the Great

Eu li uma notinha no jornal sobre a nova biografia da atriz Katharine Hepburn, que será lançada no Valentine’s Day. O autor Darwin Porter afirma em Katharine the Great que Hepburn era uma bisexual muito ativa. Segundo Porter, além do seu caso legendário com Spencer Tracy, Hepburn teve um longo relacionamento sexual com a herdeira do American Express, Laura Harding, e outro com sua amiga e esposa do produtor David Selznick, Irene Selznick. Outras conquistas da atriz incluem nomes como Claudette Colbert, Ernest Hemingway, John Ford, Greta Garbo, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Judy Holliday, John Barrymore, Robert Mitchum, Judy Garland e Burt Lancaster.

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  1. Hi,
    I too have read the book Katharine the great and it is the most inaccurate book on Katharine Hepburn I have ever read . Full of mistakes and made up dialogue and and ridiculous to read .
    One example the author says that Laura went on Katharine’s honeymoon in 1928. This is not true because the newspaper reports show that Laura was sailing to Paris when Katharine got married
    Don’t bother

  2. To our Italian friends, thanks for your love of the American classic films! The book by Darwin Porter, Katharine the Great, documents in astonishing detail the life of this very private star. It was based on interviews with both her friends and enemies, and took literally decades to compile. In America, it is the hot movie star biography of the year. Arrivederci!!

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